Self Ligating Braces

In-Ovation® L MTM

The ideal approach for quick, cosmetic correction.

A breakthrough in cosmetic orthodontics for patients seeking fast, cosmetic correction of minor misalignments and yet are not willing to wear braces. For some, the difference between an ordinary and a radiant smile can be measured in millimeters. Today, with In-Ovation® L MTM, patients can perfect their smile in just a few months by addressing just the six upper and six lower anterior teeth: the “dazzling dozen.”

Twelve “quick clips” –unprecedentedly tiny, self-ligating, lingual brackets are set just below the incisal edge. Indirect placement allows the system to be positioned and bonded quickly; our In-Ovation self-ligating clips allow the wire to be set in place in just seconds.

The best part about In-Ovation L MTM? Only you and your patient will know they’re even there. And with no wire changes and an exceptionally short treatment time, an ideal, dazzling smile is months away!

Patient benefits:

  • Absolutely undetectable
  • Small, comfortable to wear
  • Fast results in a matter of weeks
  • Few office visits
  • Small, comfortable to wear

Doctor benefits :

  • Additional revenue stream
  • Fast, easy placement with direct or optional indirect bonding
  • Rapid wire engagement with self-ligating brackets
  • Virtually eliminates patient compliance issues
  • No wire changes in most cases
  • You control the treatment

Clinical indications:
In-Ovation LMTM is appropriate for patients with the following:

  • Crowding of 6 mm or less
  • Spacing of 3 mm or less/midline correction of 2 mm or less
  • Rotations of 25 degrees or less

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